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An Asinine Paradox: Part Two


Julie’s refusal to do certain duties was met with more opposition but it was not appropriate that she do duties that the so-called HOD was supposed to do. The lazy and incompetent worker a.k.a. the Recoveries Officer Gola, who only knew how to recover her cell phone, (since she was on it most of the day doing her own personal jobs), was also one of those suck-up employees, that tried to make it seem as if Julie was uncooperative, when the truth was that Gola was just a waste of time. The wonderful manager tried his best to get Julie’s support but did not so made up vicious lies by saying that none of the staff liked her. Curiously, prior to his arrival, she had never heard that statement from the Acting Manager nor the previous Manager. Clearly this man did not like Julie, especially since she was not blindly following his ludicrous plans.

The Assistant Manager, Sami, knew he was wrong and told Julie that she should take her matter to the Union. And so she did. She wrote a letter to the Union Representative and forwarded a copy to him since Julie felt she was being taken advantage of in the sense that she had to do a job and was not being appropriately compensated for it as well as given the relevant job title. She had one interview with the representative and they basically asked questions. That was all. Afterwards, Wink decided that his ‘experiment’ of merging the two areas did not work and would revert it to the way it was. Well whooptidoo! Since it was working that way, one, and two, Julie had no intention of doing work that someone else would be getting credited for.

Then he decided it was time to get rid of the Tami, the Assistant Manager. An incident came to light that saw Sami and a senior staff member from another branch being sent home pending investigation but with full pay. The rest of the staff, including Julie, knew nothing of what was taking place, only that it involved money missing or something to that effect. Wink planted the seed of destruction into suck up employee Gola’s head, where she rallied staff to burst into the boardroom where a meeting was taking place between Sami and a board member to ask questions on what was happening. Nothing was forthcoming. Wink then told Gola to type up a letter and rally staff to sign. Julie signed the document on the basis that she needed to know what was taking place.

Consequently, the senior staff member in the other branch resigned although Wink claimed that he did not want her to do that since it was his ‘belief’ that she was innocent while Sami was relieved of her duties. Now Wink had free rein to sink his vampiric teeth into the organisation because, with Sami no longer there to give him opposition on the way he was doing things, he could now do whatever his black heart desired, one of which was to hire people whom he had personal affiliations with.