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Another one of the ever growing Gundam series, Gundam 00 is part of the mecha genre as well. It comprised of two (2) seasons each totalling twenty five (25) episodes each. As with previous Gundams, a series of events causes the major character of the series to be inspired to become a Gundam Meister.

STORY 8/10
The story is set in the years 2307-2308 AD of the Gregorian calendar. The series opens with an exhibition of the military showing off their newest model to prospective buyers. Their display is interrupted by the arrival of a Gundam who completely destroys the model and in the process, makes the world aware of their organisation known as Celestial Being. Celestial Being’s purpose to ensure that there are no conflicts on earth and will do anything to prevent an all out war. They are comprised of four (4) Gundam Meisters, each with their own history that appears to overlap onto one another and each history appears to give justification as to the reason why they are part of Celestial Being. Celestial Being relies on a highly computerized system called Veda, which acts as a sort of guide for the actions that they take as well as the actions that take place between other persons and organisations on earth. The story was totally engaging and captivating and the action sequences had you on edge.

ART 8/10
The gundams were quite detailed and reflected the meister’s personality. The general scenery was reminiscent of a futuristic setting which illustrated advanced the times were and how even further advanced Celestial Being was.

SOUND 8/10
The music in this series was awesome, the opening songs were absolutely fantastic, both of them. I did not pay much attention to the ending songs but they were pretty good too from what I did listen. Even the music in the anime was tasteful.

One of the main protagonists, Setsuna F. Seiei, is the youngest of the Meisters in Celestial Being. His entire existence is devoted to his Gundam and to making a difference in the world with his Gundam. The other Meisters are Lockon Stratos, who perishes at the end of season one (1) and is replaced by his twin brother in season two (2), Allelujah Haptism who had a split personality, and Tieria Erde, who was linked with the Veda system and was not a really a human although he did not realise this until sometime in season two (2). The princess of Kazakhistan, Marina Ismael did not serve much of a purpose in the series. She was really, just a nuisance, not doing anything proactive to progress her country. Then there was Saji and Louise who had their own side story plus all the other characters that made the series quite a success.

This series was action from episode one (1) and continued on as it progressed. Each episode added on to the story and each of the characters developed with each episode. The action sequences were fantastic and you can identify with each of the characters and what they had to deal with.

Both seasons were action packed and continued to build with each episode. This was an excellent Gundam series, one of the better ones, and I definitely recommend this anime for watching, even re-watching it as well.