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Uncertainty of Certainty Creates the Brevity of Warranty


It has been a while since I’ve written anything and it is because I have been really busy and also, I just neglected my writing, something that I am working on to change this year. Many things have happened since last I posted, some good, some not so good but the point of this post is that I have learnt many more things about myself and I have realised that I have grown tremendously over the past year.

Uncertainty of certainty creates the brevity of warranty. Simply meaning, that you can’t be two minds about something or else it just is not going to work. Because of this uncertainty, this unsure state of mind, it’s a chain reaction; this being that there are no guarantees that I will stick around until that mind has been made up.

It is a bit frustrating at times but I have accepted defeat and I feel at peace. It was something that I have been fighting with for so long and I’ve only just realised that I should just give up and let it be; that I can’t change the inevitable. I had hoped that maybe it would have been, but it appeared as if it would never be.

So, all I can do, is just hope and wait and see. Every time there is doubt in my mind, something happens that show me that I should not, that I should just have faith and wait.

So, I’m going to have faith and wait. I’m going to take my time and just wait because so far, in a matter of speaking, waiting has been really working out for me. :))