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Clear Blue Skies Overlooking Death


Another day, another breath taken, another blue sky. Sometimes I have so much to do and don’t do anything because I believe I can still get it done but somehow, nothing ends up getting done. Sometimes I have lots of thoughts and ideas floating around in my head – well, actually, that’s most of the time. I need a funnel to filter these thoughts into so that it can blossom into something wonderful. 

En ce moment, (here’s where some French kicks in), it is quiet and I am trying to get my thoughts organised. As of now, my country has just finished having a general election and the ruling party has also acquired the majority of the seats, so basically, they have full control over the country.

The administration is debating whether they should bring the death penalty back or whether it should remain where it is; dead. There are many who advocating for it such as citizens who were affected by crime and others who are just living in fear because of the heinous crimes committed especially the recent one of the mother and son whose body parts were found in a dump and their heads found elsewhere. Then there are those who are advocating against it such as religious institutions and the humanists, as both believe that social reform is the best bet. 


The humanists cited that in Canada, where they have abolished the death penalty, the level of crime has been reduced, as opposed to the US who, had recently reinstituted theirs, saw their crime rate rise in comparison. Therefore, by juxtaposing these two countries, they are saying that the death penalty does not really have any grounds to be revived. 

The death penalty was abolished in T&T almost ten years ago and now because of the escalating crime rate, it is believed, that reintroduced, the number of homicides will drastically reduce. What I believe is that while I don’t take neither for nor against position on this because I do believe that there should be a death penalty, it is also my firm belief that we also need social reform. The family is the MOST important unit in society. If simple manners are disregarded as something necessary, and parents showing their children that it is quite okay to do anything they want, then obviously we have a fantastic society to live in don’t we?

This morning on the news I heard that the Japanese Justice Minister Keiko Chiba attended the execution of two murderers. Since the new Democratic Party was formed in Japan last September, these are the first two that they have executed under their administration. The funny thing about this is that Japan’s homicide rate is much lower than the US and the UK even. Not to mention, I am most positively sure that it is much lower than the crime rate in my country, sweet T&T. 

Nevertheless, they (the Japanese) have decided that the death penalty is the way to go. But seriously, there are possibilities that the State could be killing innocent people as well. And what about those criminals who just do not care and who themselves proclaim that they have no problem dying getting whatever it is they want and acquiring it by whatever means necessary?

Needless to say, the death penalty is quite a touchy subject and although different administrations all over the world would like to implement it and or have implemented it, they should also seek other avenues to assist in dealing with criminal issues. In this regard, the family should be the main focus of this venture because as we all know, charity begins at home.